Samood (Thamud) Tribe

The Samood were an early Arabian tribe which were destroyed by God as a result of rejecting their Prophet, Salih. This has been mentioned in the following verses in Quran:

1- Chapter: 7 , Verse: 73

and to samood (we sent) their brother salih. he said: o my people! serve allah, you have no god other than him; clear proof indeed has come to you from your lord; this is (as) allah's she-camel for you-- a sign, therefore leave her alone to pasture on allah's earth, and do not touch her with any harm, otherwise painful chastisement will overtake you

2- Chapter: 11 , Verse: 61

and to samood (we sent) their brother salih. he said: o my people! serve allah, you have no god other than he; he brought you into being from the earth, and made you dwell in it, therefore ask forgiveness of him, then turn to him; surely my lord is nigh, answering

3- Chapter: 27 , Verse: 45

and certainly we sent to samood their brother salih, saying: serve allah; and lo! they became two sects quarrelling with each other

4- Chapter: 11 , Verse: 95

as though they had never dwelt in them; now surely perdition overtook madyan as had perished samood

5- Chapter: 41 , Verse: 17

and as to samood, we showed them the right way, but they chose error above guidance, so there overtook them the scourge of an abasing chastisement for what they earned

6- Chapter: 38 , Verse: 13

and samood and the people of lut and the dwellers of the thicket; these were the parties

7- Chapter: 41 , Verse: 13

but if they turn aside, then say: i have warned you of a scourge like the scourge of ad and samood

8- Chapter: 22 , Verse: 42

and if they reject you, then already before you did the people of nuh and ad and samood reject (prophets)

9- Chapter: 29 , Verse: 38

and (we destroyed) ad and samood, and from their dwellings (this) is apparent to you indeed; and the shaitan made their deeds fair-seeming to them, so he kept them back from the path, though they were endowed with intelligence and skill,

10- Chapter: 14 , Verse: 9

has not the account reached you of those before you, of the people of nuh and ad and samood, and those after them? none knows them but allah. their messengers come to them with clear arguments, but they thrust their hands into their mouths and said: surely we deny that with which you are sent, and most surely we are in serious doubt as to that to which you invite us

11- Chapter: 40 , Verse: 31

the like of what befell the people of nuh and ad and samood and those after them, and allah does not desire injustice for (his) servants;

12- Chapter: 69 , Verse: 4

samood and ad called the striking calamity a lie

13- Chapter: 69 , Verse: 5

then as to samood, they were destroyed by an excessively severe punishment

14- Chapter: 17 , Verse: 59

and nothing could have hindered us that we should send signs except that the ancients rejected them; and we gave to samood the she-camel-- a manifest sign-- but on her account they did injustice, and we do not send signs but to make (men) fear

15- Chapter: 54 , Verse: 23

samood rejected the warning

16- Chapter: 9 , Verse: 70

has not the news of those before them come to them; of the people of nuh and ad and samood, and the people of ibrahim and the dwellers of madyan and the overthrown cities; their messengers came to them with clear arguments; so it was not allah who should do them injustice, but they were unjust to themselves

17- Chapter: 51 , Verse: 43

and in samood: when it was said to them: enjoy yourselves for a while

18- Chapter: 89 , Verse: 9

and (with) samood, who hewed out the rocks in the valley,

19- Chapter: 91 , Verse: 11

samood gave the lie (to the truth) in their inordinacy,

20- Chapter: 85 , Verse: 18

of firon and samood?

21- Chapter: 53 , Verse: 51

and samood, so he spared not

22- Chapter: 50 , Verse: 12

(others) before them rejected (prophets): the people of nuh and the dwellers of ar-rass and samood,

23- Chapter: 25 , Verse: 38

and ad and samood and the dwellers of the rass and many generations between them

24- Chapter: 26 , Verse: 141

samood gave the lie to the messengers

25- Chapter: 11 , Verse: 68

as though they had never dwelt in them; now surely did samood disbelieve in their lord; now surely, away with samood