Quranic Verses about Fire

Fire in Quran Fire has been mentioned in many verses of Quran as a symbol for punishing unbelievers. Besides this, fire is also associated with other topics in Quran. One may distinguish at least the following four different topics:

1- Musa in the sacred valley, Tuwa

Chapter 27, Verse 7:  “when musa said to his family: surely i see fire; i will bring to you from it some news, or i will bring to you therefrom a burning firebrand so that you may warm yourselves”

Chapter 27, Verse 8:  “so when he came to it a voice was uttered saying: blessed is whoever is in the fire and whatever is about it; and glory be to allah, the lord of the worlds;”

Chapter 20, Verse 10:  “when he saw fire, he said to his family: stop, for surely i see a fire, haply i may bring to you therefrom a live coal or find a guidance at the fire

2- Ibrahim and Fire

Chapter 21, Verse 69:  “we said: o fire! be a comfort and peace to ibrahim;”

Chapter 29, Verse 24:  “so naught was the answer of his people except that they said: slay him or burn him; then allah delivered him from the fire; most surely there are signs in this for a people who believe”

3- Creating of Fire

Chapter 38, Verse 76:  “he said: i am better than he; thou hast created me of fire, and him thou didst create of dust”

Chapter 55, Verse 15:  “and he created the jinn of a flame of fire

4- Punishing Unbelievers

Chapter 3, Verse 131:  “and guard yourselves against the fire which has been prepared for the unbelievers”

Chapter 3, Verse 16:  “those who say: our lord! surely we believe, therefore forgive us our faults and save us from the chastisement of the fire

Chapter 10, Verse 8:  “(as for) those, their abode is the fire because of what they earned”

Chapter 40, Verse 6:  “and thus did the word of your lord prove true against those who disbelieved that they are the inmates of the fire

Chapter 32, Verse 20:  “and as for those who transgress, their abode is the fire; whenever they desire to go forth from it they shall be brought back into it, and it will be said to them: taste the chastisement of the fire which you called a lie”